Julie Poole Author

The Angel Series

“Inspirational, comical and uplifting, with a twist of mystical, a whiff of magical and a heavy dose of romance to boot!”

Julie’s books have a chatty conversational style and whimsical humour that appeal to all age groups. They take a light hearted look at angels and our relationship with the esoteric as well as examining our personal hopes for love and romance. They provide deep insight into individual personal growth as well as focusing on romantic love, the ups and downs of life that each of us encounter along our paths and always end with a happy ending and the essential feel-good factor. Julie’s books deal with modern life, its challenges and drama’s, hurts and pains, hopes and inspirations, but always written with compassion and humour.

Julie wrote Angel On My Shoulder in 2011 and immediately began working on the sequel Angel In My Heart which she completed in 2014. Both were published in September and October 2014. However, in June 2015 Julie decided to leave her publishers and form her own publishing company J.P. Publishing. She had both her books re-edited and re-formatted, with new covers and republished them in July 2015 under the titles ‘Angel On My Shoulder (Sarah’s Story)’ and ‘Angel In My Heart (Clarabelle’s Story.’ Her third book, ‘Angel in My Fingers (Frieda’s Story) was published at the end of July 2015. Book 4 in the series ‘Angel In My Paws (Fred’s Story)’ is due to be completed in 2015/16.

Use the links below to find out more about each book!

Angel On My Shoulder
Angel In My Heart
Angel In My Fingers

I have also written a self  help book for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse:  ‘Moving Past the Past: A Guide for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse’ can be found on my shop page or on Amazon worldwide.