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Julie Poole Hypnotherapy Services in Plymouth

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Julie Poole, a professional Hypnotherapist practitioner, based in Plymouth. I am also an Author, Professional Intuitive Reader and Teacher. I hope you find everything you need here on my website.


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On my Channel you will find videos to inspire, guide, uplift, inform and help. There are spiritual ‘How To’ videos, as well as self-help, motivational and self-development ‘How To’ videos. Weekly and monthly messages for each of the 12 star signs are also there, giving guidance on a regular basis. I hope you find it helpful and enjoyable. If you like what you see, please subscribe!

Spiritual & Intuitive


I’m a professional Intuitive Psychic and Reiki Master/Teacher. I work with my Angels, God/Goddess/All-That-Is (Source) and with my own divinity within. I am able, through my connections, to talk with your God/Goddess energy, your Soul, Higher Self, Angels and Guides, aura and energy, subconscious, and with your emotional and physical body, in order to help you on your path. I read energy, scan, clear and reset as much as I am able to, within your highest good, giving you information and insight in order to strengthen, prepare, support and heal you on your journey through life.



I’m a Professional and registered Hypnotherapist with 17 years’ experience and have worked with over 2000 clients in that time. I have a busy practice, working with clients worldwide and in my hometown, Plymouth. I specialise in releasing blocks, both mentally and emotionally, releasing anxiety, trauma, and various other blocks to your happiness and wellbeing.

I work with and use a variety of methods, including behaviourism, conditioning, CBT, emotion code, energy release, emotional release, mindfulness and stress reduction, with a success rate of 98.7%.


Julie Poole Hypnotherapy Plymouth

My Angel books have a chatty, conversational style and whimsical humour that appeal to all age groups. They take a light-hearted look at angels and our relationship with the esoteric, focusing on the ups and downs of life that each of us encounter along our paths, and always end with a happy ending and the essential ‘feel good factor!’

I have also written a non-fiction self-help book for those who have experienced sexual abuse. “Moving Past the Past: A Guide for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse’

All my books are on my Shop Page, and on Amazon – available worldwide in both paperback and eBook formats.